Cycling routes in Jaén
Cycling routes in Jaén
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The province of Jaén is a hidden gem, known for its mountains and its natural beauty. But it's also home to some of the most incredible architectural remains in Europe, and that means it's a perfect place for cycling tours. For this reason, today we bring you some of the best cycling routes in Jaén to get to know and enjoy this beautiful province, a little-known but truly beautiful destination.

Jaén is one of the provinces of Andalusia with the most spectacular mountain landscapes, which makes it a perfect destination for cycling routes through its mountains and roads to appreciate and enjoy some of the most spectacular views of Andalusia.

Cycle tourism routes in Jaén that you cannot miss

If you are looking for a paradise for cycling tourism, look no further than the province of Jaén. Yes, we've heard Andalusia is known for its flat roads, but if you're in the mountains of Jaén, you're huffing and puffing up every hill in sight.

The good news? The rewards are incredible: panoramic views and winding trails that take you through lush forests and desolate landscapes. You will never be bored with all there is to see in this region.

To whet your appetite, below we show you the main cycling routes in Jaén, only suitable for adventurers and pedal lovers.

Natural Park of Cazorla Mountains, Segura and Las Villas

Cazorla Mountains is a natural paradise for hikers and cyclists. The Guadalquivir is 175 kilometres long, and it enters from Albacete through the northwest of the province, taking advantage of Segura Green-way to Puente Génave.

It then continues through La Puerta de Segura and Hornos to enter the heart of Cazorla along a road that runs parallel to the Guadalquivir River and borders the Tranco reservoir.

After passing through the town of Cazorla, we leave the province to the south through Pozo Alcón. There is a highly recommended variant if you like mountain biking through wild landscapes that passes through the Campos de Hernán Pelea: Pontones-Cazorla along dirt tracks for 70 kilometres; there is nothing upstairs - neither accommodation nor provisioning - but it is one of the most beautiful options if what you like is "going" on two wheels.

There are also shorter routes in the Cazorla Mountains such as the circular one from La Iruela (58 km) or the Los Anchos valley - town of Río Madera (23 km).

Ciclyng route through Jaén Castles

If you are looking for a bit of history, don't miss the Morena Mountains route, which will take you from north to south through the province of Jaén. This route passes through Madrona Mountains Natural Park (Royal City) and continues southeast through Andújar and Jaén capital before reaching its end at the Oil Green Way, one of the most successful trails managed by Spanish Railways.

The path crosses some of the most beautiful landscapes of olive groves in Jaén, passing through Torredelcampo, Torredonjimeno and Martos. On both sides of the road there are millions of olive trees perfectly aligned, which are harvested between September and January so that you can smell the fresh oil that is pressed in one of its many mills.

Cycling tourism routes in Úbeda

The Linares and Úbeda area has numerous cycling routes that are perfect for beginners in cycling . Find out more at the reception of YIT El Postigo Hotel and you will experience Jaén from another perspective.


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